177 – All of Us – Becoming What We Are

The five of us: Laura Forehand, Jason Elam, Aaron Tomlinson, Kyle Butler and Karl Forehand talk about authenticity. All four of us were pastors and told to follow our calling, but that really meant becoming what people wanted us to do, since God’s will was interpreted through people. In this episode we talk about what it means that the universe has our back. We didn’t all agree on everything, but we agreed that it is good for 2022 that we can have community where we can be authentic.

Aaron Tomlinson is former pastor that hosts a weekly LIVE event with Derek Day called Freeology Friday and also a weekly LIVE on Sunday.

Jason Elam is a former pastor and host of the Messy Spirituality podcast.

Kyle Butler is also an ex-pastor and widely respected for his integrity and wisdom.

Karl and Laura Forehand are a former ministry family and hosts of The Desert Sanctuary facebook group, blog and podcast.


The Desert Sanctuary Crew

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