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In 2015, I changed my diet to a whole-food plant-based diet after watching the documentary “Forks Over Knives” and observing the life of my friend, Kerrie Roberts. At that time, I took several prescription drugs and was about 45 pounds overweight. I didn’t feel good and was pretty discouraged about the future. In a short time, I was able to ditch most of my medicine, lose 35 pounds and begin the process of allowing my body to heal itself.

Before and After

My main goals were to change my family tree and beat what had been delivered to me by genetics and my lifestyle. I have discovered a harvest of foods that I never knew existed before. I never feel hungry and I am healthier than I was 15 years ago! Laura and I enjoy going to plant-based festivals and conducting cooking classes – we just want to be a part of helping others discover that the body really does heal itself when you give it the right fuel!


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I would love to talk with you about health goals.

A little change can make a big difference!

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Every day, you can close the gap in your diet, your exercise and your self-care!

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