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Tag: Adventure

The Map is Not the Treasure

My new boss got me interested in the television show, The Curse of Oak Island.  It is a “reality” show that combines myth, legend, some history and quite a bit […]


““I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.” ― Bob Goff, Love Does: Discover […]


“Paradoxically, the challenges of our day-to-day existence are substantial reminders that our life of faith simply must have its center somewhere other than in our ability to hold it together […]

My Wife

I’ve noticed when most people talk about their spouses or their children, they talk a lot about them being the “best.” I may have even done that in this series […]

My Son

I have always been able to relate to the “one and only son” reference in the Bible.  Although my daughters have a most special place in my heart, I only […]