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Tag: courage

I’m good!

Often, I wonder why people underestimate me.  Once, at the annual meeting of a denomination, I presented a report about our church.   One of the larger church pastors was truly […]

Episode 17 – Rudee Sade

Laura and I talked with Rude Sade Lipscom.  We met her at Water to Wine and had some interesting conversations.  This is her first time to speak about matters of […]

The Little Things

I just got in from taking the dog out.  Honestly, it seems like we play a lot of games with things like this.  I try to do my fair share […]

The Next Courageous Step

All the women in my house suddenly gathered around our grandson, Jackson. We were celebrating Christmas a couple of days late and were opening gifts. My mother-in-law was holding this […]

Episode 5 – Swimming Upstream

I have a love / hate relationship with WalMart.  But, something Sam Walton said has always stuck with me.  He said “Swim Upstream.”     Message me at any time […]

Swimming Upstream

I have a love/hate relationship with Walmart.  I love the fact that I can buy almost everything at a reasonable price.  Their mission is, “Saving people money so they can […]