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The Little Things

I just got in from taking the dog out.  Honestly, it seems like we play a lot of games with things like this.  I try to do my fair share with the little things around the house, but to be honest, Laura always comes out to be the champ in that area.  Over time, little…

The Next Courageous Step

All the women in my house suddenly gathered around our grandson, Jackson. We were celebrating Christmas a couple of days late and were opening gifts. My mother-in-law was holding this child that was born eight weeks premature. Because of this and some other complications, his parents keep a close eye on developmental milestones. One of…

Episode 5 – Swimming Upstream

I have a love / hate relationship with WalMart.  But, something Sam Walton said has always stuck with me.  He said “Swim Upstream.”     Message me at any time if you have questions: karl@karlscoaching.com Find me on Twitter Subscribe to Karl’s Coaching Podcasts Podcasts on YouTube