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Tag: mystic

110 – Anita Grace Brown – The Mystics

Anita is She is completing her first book “Kamikaze Yogi: and has been sharing her signature-style of Jesus yoga at conferences and festivals for over 8 years now. She lives […]

107 – Alana Levandoski – The Mystics

When I was searching for people to talk about this topic, by far Alana’s name came up the most. This coversation was very grounded and deeply informative. I can’t wait […]

102 – Matthew Distefano – Mystics 3

Matthew is a fellow author at Quoir and a good friend. His approach to Mystical Spriituality is practical and understandable. This was a pretty easy conversation. Matt is the author […]

Cover – The Tea Shop

It’s been about 2 years since I traveled to Taiwan and visted my son. Laura and I were prepared for an adventure, but it turned out to be something differnt […]

76 – Writing – Being

Have you ever written something and then been tenative about showing it to others. This group of writing scared me even to think about writing it. I knew it woudl […]

Into the Mystic

“In the days ahead, you will either be a mystic or nothing at all.” ― Karl Rahner Recently, I have discovered the music of Van Morrison.  It’s one of those things […]