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187 – How Pastors Foster Abuse

Joined with Derrick Day to talk about how church and pastors promote abuse Order Being or the The Being Journey companion guide now!Website: https://karlforehand.com/https://ratethispodcast.com/thedesertsanctuary·  Message us at any time if you have questions: karl4hand@gmail.com or Laura at lauraforehand64@gmail.com·  Find me on Twitter·  See our new Facebook Page: The Desert Sanctuary·  Book, Apparent Faith: What Fatherhood Taught Me About the Father’s HeartBook: The Tea Shop

72 – Derrick Day and Kyle Butler – Moving Forward on our own Terms

These are some of my newer friends, but I don’t intend to give them up soon! Derrick Day – Author of Desconsructiong Religion, opinionated asshole 🙂 Kyle Butler – New Jersey dude, former pastor and co-host of Too Many Podcasters Message me at any time if you have questions: karl4hand@gmail.com or Laura at lauraforehand64@gmail.com Find…

Episode 8 – Help for the Soul w/ Brad Hill

Brad Hill is the Executive Director of HeartConnexion Seminars and also a former pastor.  Join us as we discuss issues of the soul and purpose.  Parts of this story will hopefully inspire and help strengthen your journey.  One of his favorite phrases, “leading you home,” is what I hope you will be inspired to pursue by…