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The Desert Sanctuary

People often long for safe places where they can express their grief, confusion or even anger. Whether they are deconstructing, questioning, or doubting, it is good to be able to share without arguments or judgement. That is the hope for this group—that it is a Sanctuary in the Desert.You are welcome to share your thoughts and what you are producing while you are processing. We would rather hear your heart than your theology.We will endeavour to lean toward the contemplative and shy away from politics. Being abusive and/or divisive will not be allowed.’

Welcome to the Sanctuary,

Karl and Laura Forehand


Previous Blogs / Podcasts

  • 221- Jason Elam – Parenting Deconstructed
    Jason Elam is a former local church pastor, radio broadcaster, and professional wrestler. Today, Jason helps formerly incarcerated individuals find stability in life and co-hosts The Messy Spirituality Podcast. Jason and his incredible wife, Brandi, live a life they don’t need a vacation from on Florida’s Emerald Coast with their four amazing kids. Jason and…
  • 220 – Kathy Weber-Jacobitz (Part 2) – Getting Big
    Part 1 of this story is Episode 203 In part 2, Kathy begins to describe what it was like when she married into a cult-like experience where fear and control caused her to enter survivor mode. She needed to get small as she tried to navigate raising 6 children with the wrong kind of support.…
  • 219 – Brad Jersak – Out of the Embers
    Brad Jersak is an author and teacher based in Abbotsford, BC. He currently serves as the Dean of Theology & Culture at St. Stephen’s University (SSU.ca/graduate) in New Brunswick and teaches peace studies courses with IRPJ.org and is a regular speaker with the Open Table Conference crew. He writes regularly for the Clarion Journal and CWR magazine. Through his books and seminars,…
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