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The Desert Sanctuary

People often long for safe places where they can express their grief, confusion or even anger. Whether they are deconstructing, questioning, or doubting, it is good to be able to share without arguments or judgement. That is the hope for this group—that it is a Sanctuary in the Desert.You are welcome to share your thoughts and what you are producing while you are processing. We would rather hear your heart than your theology.We will endeavour to lean toward the contemplative and shy away from politics. Being abusive and/or divisive will not be allowed.’

Welcome to the Sanctuary,

Karl and Laura Forehand


Previous Blogs / Podcasts

  • Release Date – Being
    Good News:  We have a cover and we have a release date for the new book.This is going to be a deeply transformational book for people and what Laura and I will be focused on. Please mark your calendar for MAY 11th, and help us promote the book on opening day.  Here is the cover, …

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  • 129 – Karl and Laura – Ministry in the Desert
    A lot of us in the desert wonder about ministry. We were always told that we needed to have a ministry. But, why do we need a ministry? Is is just a ploy to get us to do something for the organization? One our recent discoveries is the idea of finding who we are. What …

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  • 128 – Karl and Laura – Deconstructing Easter
    This may be a touchy subject because some people love Easter and celebrating Holy Week. This year, we wondered why we didn’t miss it? Should we feel guilty? Are we bad people? Like most of these conversations, it started from a drive. We respect your right to celebrate Easter the way you want? But, we …

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