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The Desert Sanctuary

People often long for safe places where they can express their grief, confusion or even anger. Whether they are deconstructing, questioning, or doubting, it is good to be able to share without arguments or judgement. That is the hope for this group—that it is a Sanctuary in the Desert.You are welcome to share your thoughts and what you are producing while you are processing. We would rather hear your heart than your theology.We will endeavour to lean toward the contemplative and shy away from politics. Being abusive and/or divisive will not be allowed.’

Welcome to the Sanctuary,

Karl and Laura Forehand


Previous Blogs / Podcasts

  • 180 – Out Into the Desert – The Main Thing
    It was good to get together with Aaron Tomlinson to talk about the Main Thing. In most churches, it’s usually expressed at Evangelism, but usually practiced as the marketing end of the organization. We talked about what truly must become the main thing for us here in the desert. It was a little different for…
  • 179 – Out Into the Desert – Addicted to Church
    Jason steps in to help us talk about being addicted to church. Organized religion is designed to attract people. It IS addictive. Then Monday, the high wears off and we start pre-using, dreaming about going back. Of course we like it, just like I used to like sodas-I was addicted to it. We took Cindy…
  • 178 – Out Into the Desert – Introduction
    So, here we go! This begins our serious on our soon-to be published book, “Out Into the Desert.” The subtitle of the book is Thriving Outside Organized Religion. It is not an attack on religion, it is a review, mostly of Christianity. It is also some of our experience as pastors for 20 years. The…
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