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May 9, 2023

The Diner: A Novel

Jenny entered her forties discouraged that she had failed to reach her number one goal: to leave her hometown. Setbacks and circumstances thrust her into the driver’s seat of her own adventure. Through her journey of discovery, she and her co-workers and family find healing and enlightenment as they face their challenges.

Watch as new discoveries open new doors, as well as, further challenges. Feel with her as she struggles with her own demons and darkness and discovers who she really is. Cry with her as she witnesses the pain caused by her adversary and some local town folk. And, finally, celebrate with her as she emerges the hero of her story and the journey of others!

Karl Forehand uses this fictional journey to illuminate the struggles of life and our ability to triumph over trauma from our past. We can be the hero of our own journey.

Grab a cup of coffee and have a seat, the adventure is about to begin!

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August 15, 2022

Out into the Desert:

Thriving Outside Organized Religion

Sometimes when we begin to question our faith or have doubts about our tradition, it can feel like we are wandering out into the desert. When we take a step back and honestly evaluate organized religion in the 21st century, many times it doesn’t make any sense. The more we cling to it and try to save it, the worse it becomes. In addition, widespread abuse, cover ups and victim shaming causes some of us to question whether it will ever be right again.

Out into the Desert is an honest evaluation of organized religion in the 21st century, along with Karl and Laura’s personal story as they journeyed through 20 plus years of ministry. Let Karl and Laura be your guide as they examine these questions and more!

  • Is it okay to take some time off from religion and do this assessment?
  • Are there things we can’t see because we’re too close?
  • Where else can we find community?
  • Is it possible to thrive outside of organized religion?
  • If Jesus were physically here, would he go to church?

March 22, 2022

The Hotel: A Novel

Joe Forester is a recovering Christian who dreams of hosting a retreat at a local hotel with a mysterious background. After leaving a condemning church and years of pain and hurt, he moves to a small Midwest town, turning his attention to uncovering the closely guarded secrets of the hotel and its beloved owner from a century before. As Joe investigates, the black and white images of the past take on a life of their own.

Karl Forehand uses his fictional story to illustrate real-life struggles and recovery from the afflictions of life and organized religion. He weaves the past and present storylines seamlessly, demonstrating how religious trauma and life within a community can lead to personal and social oppression. As a response, he purposefully shifts the focus to a journey of self-love and self-realization, acceptance, and forgiveness. 

In the end, the valuable secrets uncovered are the ones within.

May 11, 2021


A Journey Toward Presence and Authenticity

Many of us spend our lives searching for worth, value and security through doing enough.  It is time to discover a new way of being and becoming where we remember that we are human beings, not human doings.  Let us embark together on this journey toward presence and authenticity.  Another way to say this is being where we are and being who we are.  It is not a destination — it is an ongoing process – a meaningful and mysterious adventure.Karl Forehand

“Karl is a master storyteller. He also has the heart of a mystic and the mind of a brilliant archaeologist. His ability in this book to navigate the caverns of his experiences and extract timeless and liberating wisdom for us all will cause you to cry, laugh, be challenged, and simply be in awe. Most importantly, Karl will show you the path of “Being.” Karl will show you how to be honest, brave, and authentic. He will show you how to be fully alive, fully you, and incredibly present—not just for your sake, but for the sake of others and ultimately the world. May you enjoy this gift as much as I did!”     Mark Karris, from the foreword

“Because this book is a tapestry of beautiful and authentic self-storytelling, the reader is invited to safely journey inside their own inner terrain. Tremendously helpful!” Wm. Paul Young, author The Shack

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September 22, 2020

The Tea Shop

“I was beginning to understand what I knew as a kid.  Sometimes the best adventures are the ones that are unscripted.  The purest example of that is when we would visit the Tea Shop a few days later.    The Tea Shop was probably one of the greatest unplanned adventures of my life.”

This is a journal of my experience in Taiwan that led me to a Tea Shop to visit with a man with no name that couldn’t speak my language, but still managed to impact me in ways I couldn’t describe at the time.  This is a journal of that encounter and what it is still teaching me.

Released  September 22, 2020

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July 1, 2019

Apparent Faith: What Fatherhood Taught Me About the Father’s Heart

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Apparent Faith – What Fatherhood Taught Me About the Father’s Heart

Several years ago I began to question whether I could be certain any longer about some of the things I was sure of. By reflecting on being a father, I was able to re-evaluate Father God and what I believed. It resulted in a more loving, less retributive view of God and, honestly, just a lot of good reflection that I tried to capture in the book. I think Jason Elam said it pretty well when he evaluated my book. He said,
“For better or worse, many of us form our image of God from our relationship with our earthly father. In Apparent Faith, Karl Forehand makes a heartwarming and compelling case that God reveals just as much of Himself in and through our relationships with our own children—pointing us to a love without limits and hope without end. This book will help you discover the Father we all long for; subtly hidden within so many of the relationships of life.” —JASON ELAM, HOST OF THE MESSY SPIRITUALITY PODCAST

Here’s a few more comments:
“If I could somehow distill into words my story of being a father, husband, and a follower of Jesus, I am uncertain I would be able to do it better than Karl has here. This book gripped me, pulling emotions from me in the best ways. Karl, like so many of us, has leaned into Jesus and found something so beautiful and worth following—seeing beauty in both light and dark places.” —SETH PRICE, HOST OF CAN I SAY THIS AT CHURCH PODCAST

“Reading Apparent Faith is like reading a journal: someone’s touching and honest journal account of their journey towards a more Christlike God. Karl Forehand learned about the nature of God by taking a close look at the relationship between him and his children and shares those lessons with us. I’m thankful that Karl has shared his beautiful, painful, and honest journey with us. As he continued to walk in the darkness and shared his experiences with uncertainty and mystery, I couldn’t help but think of Wendell Berry’s words: The mind that is not baffled is not employed / The impeded stream is the one that sings. Thank you Karl for your gift!” —JOE BEACH, PASTOR AT AMAZING GRACE CHURCH

“Karl Forehand is a pastor and seeker who has been on a profound spiritual journey—a journey that led him away from narrow, judgmental fundamentalism into the deep, gracious richness of the kingdom of Christ. I call this the water to wine journey. Karl’s journey has not been without pain, but it has been beautiful. In Apparent Faith, Karl tells his deeply personal story of seeking and finding the pearl of great price. I am sure this poignant book will resonate with many readers.” —BRIAN ZAHND, LEAD PASTOR OF WORD OF LIFE CHURCH IN ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI AND AUTHOR OF WATER TO WINE

“In Apparent Faith, Karl Forehand gently guides his readers through his journey of faith and reveals what many before him have begun to find: God is not a monster. God is wholly loving, truly good, and God, when it is all said and done, is just like Jesus. This is a book that will challenge many, but it is written with such care that readers will not be able to help but see the beauty within the pages. A thoroughly enjoyable and accessible read indeed.” —MATTHEW J. DISTEFANO, AUTHOR OF 4 BOOKS AND CO-HOST OF THE HERETIC HAPPY HOUR PODCAST

The book will be available everywhere on July 1st in paperback and Kindle formats. Remember to order on July 1st instead of pre-ordering.


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