My New View of Weddings and Heaven

For whatever reason, I developed a negative view of weddings.  Maybe because they were usually people that I barely knew.  Maybe it was the Greek Orthodox wedding that lasted 3 hours.  The only thing I remembered from that was “keep the marriage bed pure and have lots of children.”  At least that’s what I heard.  Even my own wedding was a “tell me where to stand” endeavor.  All of my perceptions changed about 14 months ago when I attended my first daughter’s wedding, then my other daughters wedding in July.

Although the ceremony meant a great deal more and I loved walking my daughters down the aisle, the real treat was the second half – the party!  Our family is starting to gain a reputation for the way we celebrate at weddings.  Laura has 2 sisters that love to dance along with my mother in law (who obviously gave them the dancing gene).  None of my brothers and sisters can dance, but they have been inspired to “do their thing” any how and even the kids get involved.  It’s a sight to see – I think it surprises the general public!


With all that excitement, I often pause to notice the other half of the crowd just observing.  You have to wonder what is going through their mind.  I don’t really have to use much imagination – I just hearken back to church and remember the things people often say when they are not living in joy!  It takes a lot of focus and determination to be miserable so I just leave them to it.  I’m always happy when we convert a pew sitter to the joy side!

 The Bible talks about heaven is several ways.  But, one of the ways it describes it is as a marriage feast – not the ceremony – the party!  Jesus first miracle was at a wedding – and get this – he turned water into wine!  I’ll leave you to make all the connections there.  Just rest assured heaven is not going to be a place where we all sit on our hands and talk about what everyone else is wearing or criticize those that allowed themselves to be happy!  It’s a place of joy and maybe a little like a Forehand wedding!

Dodging the stones,

Karl                                                                                                  Be sure to follow us===>

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