The Power of Kindness

At 52, I still wonder how I will make my mark on the world.  Will it be through giving people great advice?  Will it be through my example?   Will it be recessively credited through the work of my children?  Will it be through living a life without too many big mistakes – whatever those are?  I know I want to live a life on purpose — I know I want to have a story that is worth watching — but, what can I do to make the biggest impact?

kindness 3

When Jesus came on the scene, people were confused about what he was supposed to be doing.  Jesus wasn’t confused, but even his closest friends didn’t understand his purpose.  Some thought he should conquer their enemies.  Isn’t that what most of us wish for–someone to take our rivals out of the way?  Be honest!  Others had various versions of their own expectations,  mostly involving some kind of grand gesture that advanced their goals and defeated their rivals.  It turns out, the “grand gesture” was described by Paul as “kindness and love.”

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The Bible says this kindness saved (delivered) us.  Cruelty has always been a part of our world.  Recent events suggest that this will continue and intelligent rhetoric and counter-aggression will do little to deliver us from our past, present and future issues.  One of the most basic and powerful influences we can have on our world is demonstrated kindness.  Kindness is revolutionary!  It’s transforming!  My wife, Laura, is looking for a t-shirt that says “Kindness is the new cool.”   So, maybe that’s it!  Kindness doesn’t sound like a guy thing, but it was definitely a Jesus thing.

From what I understand, kindness is not a thing that makes us acceptable to God.  He already loves us.  As Bob Goff says, “Our picture is already in his wallet.”  Kindness is about making an impact on others!  Maybe that’s part of my new purpose:

  • Be secretly awesome!

  • Be intentionally kind!

Any suggestions?  I think they could work together!

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  1. livingwellonmain
    October 3, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    Yes, kindness is character.

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