Episode 9 – What I Learned at Prayer School

Laura and I both have different histories and came from churches that felt differently about liturgy — hers was for it, mine was against it.  Regardless, both of us agreed that our prayer life had become almost non-existent (or, at the least, ineffective).  We mostly only prayed when we were desperate or emotional.  Even though God can handle our anxiety and emotions, we found this approach to be quite ineffective.  It also didn’t motivate us to pray more.

Recently, we attended a prayer school by Brian and Peri Zahnd at Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, MO.  After praying the way we were taught, we were able to go back through the class again this weekend.  This is our assessment of the effectiveness of the process.

If you are like me and were taught to just “talk to God,” may I ask if it’s working well?  If you are like me and are a little frustrated, please listen in and hear how Laura and I felt about the process.  Spoiler: We are much more enthusiastic and confident about prayer now!  This is a discussion we had on the day after the 2nd prayer school…


Brian Zahnd’s Website

Brian’s Twitter

Word of Life Church

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