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Several years ago I began to question whether I could be certain any longer about some of the things I was sure of.  By reflecting on being a father, I was able to re-evaluate Father God and what I believed.  It resulted in a more loving, less retributive view of God and, honestly, just a lot of good reflection that I tried to capture in the book.  I think Jason Elam said it pretty well when he evaluated my book.  He said,

“For better or worse, many of us form our image of God from our relationship with our earthly father. In Apparent Faith, Karl Forehand makes a heartwarming and compelling case that God reveals just as much of Himself in and through our relationships with our own children—pointing us to a love without limits and hope without end. This book will help you discover the Father we all long for; subtly hidden within so many of the relationships of life.” —JASON ELAM, HOST OF THE MESSY SPIRITUALITY PODCAST

The book will be available July 1st.  I hope you will mark this date on your calendar and consider ordering copies of the book on that day.  It’s possible that you wont agree with all of it (and that is okay).  This is my journey, I think you will enjoy coming along with me.  You will laugh at times and shed tears at others.  I’m proud of the work that went into this – it’s from my heart to yours!  Here’s a few more comments:

“If I could somehow distill into words my story of being a father, husband, and a follower of Jesus, I am uncertain I would be able to do it better than Karl has here. This book gripped me, pulling emotions from me in the best ways. Karl, like so many of us, has leaned into Jesus and found something so beautiful and worth following—seeing beauty in both light and dark places.”  —SETH PRICE, HOST OF CAN I SAY THIS AT CHURCH PODCAST

“Reading Apparent Faith is like reading a journal: someone’s touching and honest journal account of their journey towards a more Christlike God. Karl Forehand learned about the nature of God by taking a close look at the relationship between him and his children and shares those lessons with us. I’m thankful that Karl has shared his beautiful, painful, and honest journey with us. As he continued to walk in the darkness and shared his experiences with uncertainty and mystery, I couldn’t help but think of Wendell Berry’s words: The mind that is not baffled is not employed / The impeded stream is the one that sings. Thank you Karl for your gift!” —JOE BEACH, PASTOR AT AMAZING GRACE CHURCH

“Karl Forehand is a pastor and seeker who has been on a profound spiritual journey—a journey that led him away from narrow, judgmental fundamentalism into the deep, gracious richness of the kingdom of Christ. I call this the water to wine journey. Karl’s journey has not been without pain, but it has been beautiful. In Apparent Faith, Karl tells his deeply personal story of seeking and finding the pearl of great price. I am sure this poignant book will resonate with many readers.” —BRIAN ZAHND, LEAD PASTOR OF WORD OF LIFE CHURCH IN ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI AND AUTHOR OF WATER TO WINE
“In Apparent Faith, Karl Forehand gently guides his readers through his journey of faith and reveals what many before him have begun to find: God is not a monster. God is wholly loving, truly good, and God, when it is all said and done, is just like Jesus. This is a book that will challenge many, but it is written with such care that readers will not be able to help but see the beauty within the pages. A thoroughly enjoyable and accessible read indeed.” —MATTHEW J. DISTEFANO, AUTHOR OF 4 BOOKS AND CO-HOST OF THE HERETIC HAPPY HOUR PODCAST

The book will be available everywhere on July 1st in paperback and Kindle formats.  Remember to order on July 1st instead of pre-ordering.


New Landing Page:

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