The Last Days – The Big Reveal

2 more days!

Can you believe it!  We’re in the home stretch.  The book will officially released on Amazon, Monday July 1st.  It will be available in other places, but we’re hoping the initial push comes through there and then fans out all over the world.  Follow this link to order or put in on your wish list for now!

Promotional Video 

The promo video will be available on Monday.  Those on the release team already got a sneak peek at it.  It’s touching and the perfect thing to kick off the release of the book.  I guarantee you will see it and be able to forward it on Monday.

The Landing Page 

The landing page is the best thing to share right now.  It has information about the book, along with reviews from people that have previewed the book.  In addition, folks can download a preview to whet their appetite for Monday.  Follow this link for the page.

Thanks and Gratitude

Thank you for all the love and support that has already been expressed.  This book represents a deep longing in me.  I am so excited and honored to share that with the world.  It is not a scholarly, theology work–it’s a journal and expression of my heart.  Those that have read it have already sensed this and I believe many more will.  Thank you for each person that takes time to help me in this effort – it means the world to me!

I invite you on the journey with me,



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