New Video Course – Apparent Faith: What We Learn About God From Parenting

My book is gaining acceptance. The people who have read it seem to be touched by it. But, let’s face it, some people would rather watch or listen than sit down and read.

class 3

That’s why I’ve created a video course, comprised of ten separate videos and blackboard questions to help us understand the ideas in the book “Apparent Faith.”

class 4

Please give this course a chance! I worked to hard to make it as informative as possible while keeping it as concise as possible.

I’m so blessed to have discovered this thought process for understanding God. I think it is a somewhat unique process. I think you will enjoy going through it whether you are in deconstruction, reconstruction or just questioning your faith.

class 1

If I can answer any questions, please contact me at or 816-341-1710

Check out my new book: Apparent Faith:

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