45 – Matthew Distefano – Devoted AF

I love Matthew!  He is a  fellow author at Quoir and theologian.  He is also a successful podcaster and co-host on the popular Heretic Happy Hour and The Bonfire Sessions.  Recently, he has ventured into some new areas including rap music and illustrated writing!  He is the author of five books inlcuding Heretic and From the Blood of Abel.

Matt takes a lots heat for his language, but I’ve got news for you.   I’ve been a pastor and been with people in their most vulnerable times.  Probably 75% of people use some  form of profanity when they speak, so stop being so judgmental! Just get over it – this podcast is not censored or edited – it’s the words we used without moderation.

I can’t recommend highly enough all of Matthew’s work.  I absolutely love his work and what he crates.  I’m still trying to adjust to rap music – give me some time!

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