47 – Laura Forehand – Being a Better Human

When people talk about their spouse, they often refer to them as their “best friend.”  I have never liked that phraseology.  First, because Laura is always more than a friend, even if she is my best friend.  But, also because being husband and wife is so much more than a friendship — it is way deeper than that.  It just makes it cliche’ to talk about it that way.

Laura and I have been through heaven and hell.  We have been through a lot: raising children, pastoring churches and now experiencing grandchildren.  We became plant-based, did a whole bunch of stuff, and now we are wondering who we are.  We have spend the last 25 years, without a break, in church.  It’s finally time.  We have been investigating and deconstructing out faith, writing a book, changing job situations, just to name a few.  We recently decided without regret to take a break from church — it’s time!!

I hope you enjoy this very real conversation about where we are right now.

Here’s what I got from our conversation to change the world:

  • be kind to everyone
  • learn how to truly listen

I wish you the best!



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Thank you for your friendship – let’s see what the future holds!

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