53 – Keith Giles – A Book About Hell

Did you know, throughout most of church history there were three views of hell?

Did you know that eternal torment, the view many of us held was the minority view for some time?

Early on in life, I was told what I should believe concerning hell and limited atonement. Over time, as I discussed in my book Apparent Faith, my views changed not so much because of careful study, but because of my experience with my children. I couldn’t reconcile eternal, conscious torment of MY children.

I was so happy to receive a preview copy of Keith Giles new book, Jesus Undefeated, and discover that the early views of the church were not predominately what we might imagine. Rather than defending certain beliefs, Kieth examines all three precisely and accurately so the reader can make up their minds based on the evidence.



Keith’s Blog

Heretic Happy Hour

His new book – Jesus Undefeated

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To me, this book will be a stadard from now on!

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