59 – Julie McVey – Leaving Church to Find Jesus

Julie McVey is the author of the book, “Why I Left Church to Find Jesus: A Personal Odyssey.”  In her introduction to the book, she writes:

I wrote this odyssey as a snapshot of some of my most challenging and even ugly religious experiences in a fundamentalist megachurch in an effort to more fully embrace breaking free from an unhealthy authoritarian religious indoctrination and to process the grief that emerges from the religious shunning that sadly, but often inevitably, results from this kind of religious deconstruction. Christians, ex-Christians, and religious outcasts will relate to the heartache, confusion, and betrayal of not only a religion lost but, more painfully, of friendships lost. Such loss is often the catalyst for a much needed spiritual transformation and great healing, which is the fortunate outcome of this particular journey.

Check out her website at Julie View

And her Facebook Page.


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