61 – Brandon Vedder – Stange Negotiations

Brandon Vedder is an award winning documentary filmmaker. Brandon’s career began touring with and making films about musicians. His early days had him shooting for concert film’s like Pearl Jam: Live at the Garden. In 2013, alongside Transcendental Media, Brandon produced, edited and shot the acclaimed documentary La Source, narrated by Academy Award nominated actor, Don Cheadle. The award winning film had its World Premiere at AFI Docs and went on to play theatrically in NYC & LA. In 2015 Brandon directed, shot & edited A Certain Kind of Light, a documentary short that received six best short documentary awards and aired on PBS in 2017.

We got together to talk about his recent film “Strange Negotiations,” a documentary about David Bazan, formerly of Pedro and the Lion.  This film will give language to those wrestling with their faith and facing personal struggles and/or deconstructions.

Find Brandon at:  http://www.brandonvedder.com/ 

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