92 – Vanessa R Brooks – A Message for Humanity

Vanessa R. Brooks is quickly becoming one of my friends and a person Laura and I enjoy talking with. We recently, she was recommended for a talk we did with several people called, “A Message for White People.” It’s hard not to love and respect her, but sometimes her message attracts some haters. I suggest you sincerely listen to hear and you will grow to love her like we do.

From her bio: I am a Faith-Based Entrepreneur, Owner & CEO of Brooks Consulting & Training Solutions, LLC where I serve as an Inner Healing Life Coach, Neuro-Leader, Law of Attraction Expert, Counselor, & Consultant. I help professional and purpose driven individuals just like you experience deep inner healing, emotional and mind healing, and soul care. I am also a motivational speaker and conference host for the O.M.C. Inner Healing Gathering and Law of Attraction Masterclass & Workshops.

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