The Tea Shop – Release Date

We have a release date!

2 years ago we took a trip to Taiwan to visit my son. We wanted adventure, but we didn’t expect it to come from a scooter wreck and a simple little Tea Shop in Zhongli.

Adventures are unscripted and sometimes they are magical or even mystical. I’m so happy to share this part of my journey and my heart that absolutely changed the course of my life.

Take a deep breath, come into the present and just be yourself. The Tea Shop has something for you too!

Available September 22nd!

If like to help promote: join the Facebook group for the book and follow the suggestions below

The followers of this blog are special to me. I’ve moved the actual blogs to Patheos – click here but the podcasts are still here. I thank you in advance for anything you can do to help – I have no marketing budget, but I trust you all will like the book and tells others. Thanks for your support.

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