Being – A Special Post for the Desert Sanctuary Subscribers

My new book Being: A Journey Toward Presence and Authenticity is being released May 11th on Amazon and wherever books are sold. It is a transformational book about my journey of Being and Becoming.

Can I ask a favor of you as subscribers to The Desert Sanctuary?

Would you consider purchasing the book and reviewing it online? If you are unsure, consider attending on May 10th when we do the Launch Party.

The book also has a companion guide called The Being Journey which will lead participants through a 30-day journey of transformation based on the process of focusing.

Many of us were taught to be doers and to get our self-image through what we accomplished. Being offers an alternative where being who we are (authenticity) and being where we are (presence) become to the journey that we pursue. These books will be your guide to discover this new way of being.

Focusing helps us because we have stuck places that need our attention. Our bodies will tells us areas we can address that provide shifts in our being when we are present with our bodies.

I hope you can pre-order or purchase on May 11th and attend the launch party.

More information at:

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Don’t forget to pre-order Being or the The Being Journey companion guide or put it on your wish list for May 11th.

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