Leaning Forward 2021 – Video Recordings

Video recording of all 13 speakers – reserve now

Description of the Conference

Last year, the Desert Sanctuary initiated the Nomad 2020 online conference during the pandemic. Ever since that day, I have been dreaming of this event. I wanted to lean forward and look toward the future with all the other spiritual nomads and seekers. I wanted to bring together people with differing vantage points to see if we could see what is over the horizon.

To be on this journey and truly experience the adventure, we have to move forward with some amount of uncertainty and a fair amount of courage and vulnerability. But that doesn’t mean that some things aren’t becoming clearer. People are discovering the same types of things and that is where we can benefit together.

Let us walk together, you and I, and find healing and genuine love, and peace. What we find won’t be a formula and we won’t write a dogma, but I believe the answers are just over the horizon if we LEAN FORWARD!

Karl Forehand https://karlforehand.com/ karl4hand@gmail.com­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________________________

13 speakers

“Addressing Religious Trauma” Aaron Tomlinson

The Way Forward – Karl & Laura Forehand

“Transforming Negative Reactions into Thoughtful Responses” Dr. Paul Fitzgerald

The Way Forward – Kyle Butler

The Human Predicament” Dr. Amanda McKinney

The Way Forward – Michele Cohen

“The Way of the Mystic” Alana Levandoski

The Way Forward – Kathy Leach

“Being and Becoming” Karl Forehand

The Way Forward – Thomas Jay Oord

Bonus: The Way Forward Alexander Shaia, Wm. Paul Young and Katy Valentine

Get all 13 speakers – get access to all the recordings here

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