The Hotel

Have you ever looked at one of the buildings downtown and then just let your imagination think about what it was like 100 years ago?

That’s what Karl Forehand did when he was standing in the Opp Hotel, in Rock Port, MO some time ago. He knew a few facts and some of the rumors about the old hotel, but then he let his imagination run wild and eventually wrote a novel that was inspired by the old hotel, as he used some of the facts as fodder for his new book.  

All of the characters are fictional but derived from a few real life people such as Dode and Daisy Opp.  The novel will have you on the edge of your seat as it moves seamlessly between the 1920s, prohibition and back to the future where all of the characters struggle with their inner demons.

Karl will host a book signing on March 22nd at 6:00 p.m. where he will sell autographed copies of the book. The books are also available on Amazon or wherever you buy books, but the telling of the story by the author will prove to be worth your while.

Karl also recently suffered a stroke. He will be making the trip back from Kansas City where he is in rehab to do this book signing. This is one of his main goals in rehab is to make the book signing happen.

Order or pre-order the book: The Hotel

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