The Hotel – Releases Today

It’s finally here! Every time I release a book it seems like I’m having a baby. The Hotel started as a curiosity about an old building. Then, I learned some facts and let my imagination run wild and 45 days later I had a novel. My very first novel!

I was so surprised that not only was the story interesting, it was way more exciting than I ever thought it could be. It’s the story of the 1920s and two hotel owners navigating prohibition, the Great Depression and the normal challenges of living in a small town. 


The modern-day character may be somewhat similar to yours truly and struggles not only with his curiosity and frustration about finding facts concerning the mysterious building, but also faces his internal struggles, and much like the other characters, he experiences transformation.

The much loved owners of the hotel navigate the roaring 20s and the Great Depression, but also confrontations with town folk, religious struggles and the normal day-to-day challenges of a young couple. An unexpected guest provides guidance to them in a way they would’ve never expected. Some of the town folk also challenge them in new ways and eventually all of the roads lead back together to a discovery beneath the hotel and discoveries within each of the main characters.

My hope is that you will experience The Hotel for yourself. It is available wherever you buy books today at a pretty good price. I can promise you that it will take you on a ride and you will discover some things that you didn’t expect!

Since I’ve been navigating rehab for my stroke, this has been one of my main goals. I hope you will help me make it a bestseller!

Order here:

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Karl Forehand

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