197 – Snarky Faith Radio – Stuart Delony

The Desert Sanctuary is big fans of Snarky Faith

(from snarkyfaith.com)

“I’m a storyteller, seeker, sojourner, question-asker, provocateur, and radio host. The hope with Snarky Faith is to create space for questions, dialogue, and conversations centering around life, culture, and spirituality.

As a former pastor, I’m tired of what American Christianity has become. It’s a selfish cult that exists to prop itself up and has forgotten its roots.

The old ways were lost as Jesus was relegated to being a marketing tool and the Bible a weapon of industry and control. Today, most churches exist to keep their congregants happy and make sure the offering plate continues to get passed. And that’s on a good day.

Jesus started a radical movement fueled by love and compassion that existed under the shadow of the empire and thrived in the margins of society. The theology was simple. Love God, love others, and live in a way that helps mend brokenness and restores dignity to the forgotten.

Today, Christianity is an industry driven by politics, prestige, and power.”

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