201 – Wren Margaret Grace – Beeing Loud

Wren Margaret Grace is a neurodivergent adoptee, mother of 6, Domestic Violence survivor, chronic illness warrior, and passionate about moving Humanity through our existential crisis with the hopes of a better future for all of us, especially the future generations. Wren was raised as Independent Fundamental Baptist, graduated from a strict Bible college, and after deconstruction, graduated from Massage school.  Wren passionately stands against Christian Nationalism, and celebrates individuality. Wren offers services such as a Deconstruction from religion support group, teaching Human Design, and even her own program based on Human Rights Declarations called Simply Beeing. 

Just recently, she is gathering people who are individually committed to humanity’s survival to stand together to gain momentum to move forward. 

You can find her on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and support her through Patreon

Wren Margaret Grace

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