227 – Melissa Rempel – Escaping My Roles

Being buried alive is a reality for many. It can be the expectations of family, religion, culture, friends… many things can cause us to hide who we really are, because there is no other way to fill the niche we perceive to be ours. It can take a lifetime to unearth the beauty of our own reality, but the process begins the moment we catch a glimpse of our own unique being.

So it is with Melissa Rempel. Wisdom has found her, and she is emerging, freely using her voice in pen, song, and healing. No life is comprised solely of roles, and if we seek only to fill them, according to the expectations of others, they become a prison, and we lose ourselves in them. There is balance in the exercise of secure identity and understanding the depth of our being, and Melissa has been on a life long journey into that restful state. 

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