The Journey We Are On

I realized some time ago that that we are part of a collective on a journey of discovery and enlightenment. I also am learning that some will always lag behind because they are waiting for a well-worn path or worse, they are driving around on streets that are already paved in a kind of follow-the-leader procession to celebrate the past.

Others are focused on what they already know. At some point, in history, they drew a circle around their beliefs, authored a creed or belief statement and started reciting it to themselves to give themselves comfort. The more people that joined in the chorus, the prouder they became because they assumed they were right and God was surely on their side. They would eventually go to great lengths to preserve their assumptions

The Universe doesn’t stop to debate misunderstandings. It simply keeps moving forward toward truth, progress, enlightenment and evolution. It is led by the adventurers that understand this journey can’t be scripted by the patterns of the past. It is led by the mystics that understand experience always trumps theological guesses and assumptions. It is also led by the prophets that do not quote from a book to share vision about the future,

This journey requires a presence that understands there is only one place we can be that is fruitful–the eternal now, what I call being WHERE we are. It also requires authenticity, otherwise known as being WHO we are. Being and becoming is a movement toward who we have always been, not a station in life where we erect monuments to our ideas and heroes to celebrate the past.

We also understand this journey to be internal, where many philosophers, mystics, prophets and poets have said the Kingdom of God is. Going inside is sometimes painful, but we understand that is where we find truth, and healing and enlightenment.

“Where are we going?” is likely the wrong question, because if we know where we are going, we are probably just experiencing someone else’s journey.

We sometimes describe the journey as a desert, but because of our identification with the nomads and their journey, not because of the destination. We do find “sanctuary” on the journey, but we try not to camp there too long.

Above all, the journey is not a destination. It seems foolish to even say it! It’s not a building, or denomination, or a group or even an established methodology.

It’s a journey and it’s an adventure.

Laura and I hope you join the conversation. That’s why we wrote our provocative new book–to tell our story. We want to hear yours as we walk through this journey of discovery together. We’re not forming a group or re-joining one–we are exploring together.

Be where you are,

Be who you are,

Be at peace!

Karl Forehand

Photo by Eric Sanman:…/group-of-person-walking-in…/

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