237 – Jeff & Kareen King – You Are Good

Jeff is the founder and Director of Tansmuto, a nonprofit whose mission is to help people identify and overcome barriers to happiness, hope and wholeness.
Jeff teaches and coaches individuals, couples, families and organizations to apply the wisdom of the Enneagram. His professional training in the Enneagram comes from The Narrative Enneagram (TNE). He hosts the podcast, Nine Lives with Jeff King.

Prior to launching Transmuto, Jeff and Kareen served in church ministry for nearly 40 years. Currently, Jeff considers himself as a “pastor without walls.”
Jeff and his wife, Kareen, have been married since 1979. They have five grown children and three grandchildren.

Kareen King is a Registered Drama Therapist and Creative Engagement Specialist who works with organizations that want to create a culture where older adults and their care partners are loved, validated, and creatively engaged. She is the author of Engage! 28 Creative Enrichment Experiences for Older Adults (ArtAge Publications).

She is a recording artist and has released two CDs (The Person in the Picture Ain’t Me and Find Me) of original music that gives voice to older adults who reside in care communities. She also recorded five albums as a Christian artist and former worship leader, and two children’s albums used when touring puppet musicals with her husband.

Kareen is also a freelance photographer whose passion is to capture the subtle beauty of Kansas. Her work was featured in New Letters, a magazine of writing and art. Her core mission is to create adventure for herself and others. Kareen and her husband Jeff are the parents of five grown children and have three grand children.

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