254 – Chad Bahl – Deconstructing Hell

Chad Bahl is a DThM candidate at Northwind Theological Seminary, where he specializes in the study of Open and Relational Theology. Bahl is the author of God Unbound: An Evangelical Reconsiders Tradition in Search of Truth and author/editor of Deconstructing Hell: Open and Relational Responses to the Doctrine of Eternal Conscious Torment.

Desert Sanctuary Resources

Book:    Out Into the Desert

Book:    The Hotel

Book:     Being 

Book:    The Being Journey companion guide

Book: The Tea Shop 

Book:    Apparent Faith

Email:    Karl at karl4hand@gmail.com 

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Twitter: @karl4hand

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@karl4hand42

  1 comment for “254 – Chad Bahl – Deconstructing Hell

  1. Mike
    April 1, 2023 at 5:09 pm

    Obey what God requires of you or don’t obey. the rest is to quibble…to cite your intellectual abilities about what God requires of us is useless to yourself or anyone…is there any guide book for us to explain what God requires ? No.there is not. Only the Lord;s prayer. God is God and I am I.


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