265 – Stories from the Desert – Daryl Carlson

Daryl Carlson is a Certified Meta-Coach & NLP Master Practitioner who loves to help people free themselves from the deep indoctrination of Christianity. He knows that challenge all too well having been indoctrinated from birth, biblically trained at Moody Bible Institute, and worked for 15 years as a missionary in Alaska, Russia, and Ukraine. Daryl resides in Peoria Illinois with his wife and three kids and currently pays the bills as a volunteer manager for a national, secular non-profit organization.

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Desert Sanctuary Resources

Book:    Out Into the Desert

Book:    The Hotel

Book:     Being 

Book:    The Being Journey companion guide

Book: The Tea Shop 

Book:    Apparent Faith

Email:    Karl at karl4hand@gmail.com 

Email Laura at lauraforehand64@gmail.com

Twitter: @karl4hand

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@karl4hand42

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