Truly a Blessing to Me

Over the years I have received counsel from Christian friends which I would say was good advice but typically that counsel only scratched the surface of my faith issue.

In my sessions with Karl Forehand he helped me go deeper in exploring my need. There was, of course, a little apprehension sharing what was on my heart. However the comfortable and reassuring manner in which Karl engaged me, followed by his asking key questions, helped me to unpack my issues: get to the root or source, discern ways to begin overcoming, and standing strong as I continue in my day to day life and in my journey of faith. The time of prayer at the close of each session was truly great: being able to pray not only for my need, but also with the wisdom and understanding I gained from wise and Godly counsel, and additionally to have Karl pray for me. These sessions were truly a blessing to me.

Frank Stanley