36 – Seth Showalter – Fade to Gray

Two of the issues I didn’t discuss in my book were Race and Homosexuality.  My views have changed a lot over the years, but every time I talk to someone intimate with these issues (like a person of color or someone that is gay), I realize how far I still have to go.

For this reason, it was helpful (although frightening) to talk to a former member of one of the youth groups in our church.  Seth was a friend of mine and my son.  He came out when gay marriage was legalized.

This conversation was long overdue.  I struggled to say what I wanted to say, but it’s a start!   Maybe that reflects your life in some way – hope you enjoy it!


Seth’s podcast:  https://fadetogray.podbean.com/

Seth on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sshowal

The Journal (gay query) https://gaystruggleblog.wordpress.com/?fbclid=IwAR0vATdZ8F6__RQEG0K1kYAfMsqiU5vR-5rp_j9BrPJXzG8cvG6VaLU2Y2s



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