37 – Pete Enns – How the Bible Actually Works

Since the beginning of my deconstruction I have sought Pete’s work out as a reliable reference to help me understand a healthy approach to the Bible.  It’s amazing that I even still read the Bible after some of the stuff I have been through.

His books “The Bible Tells Me So” and “The Sin of Certainty” were crucial in my journey.  Now, he has released a book that is even more clear and more directly to the point, called “How The Bible Actually Works.  It describes “God’s Plan A” which is not to simply provide answers in the Bible, but to lead us to wisdom.

I think you will enjoy this!

Pete’s podcast:  The Only God-Ordained Podcast on the Internet.

Pete’s website:  https://peteenns.com/

Pete’s new book:  How the Bible Actually Works

Check out my new book: Apparent Faith:

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