233 – Seth Showalter – Acknowledgement and Change

Seth Showalter is a single gay man who is the proud father of a lively cat by the name of Lizzie. Seth works as a Therapist for a Certified Behavioral Health Organization in the Central Region of Missouri.

Seth runs a mental health podcast solo called “Mental Health Uncovered” where he gives people the floor to share their own mental health journey. The purpose of the show is to provide a space to share stories in an effort to de-stigmatize mental health issues in our society and culture.

Seth is currently working on a memoir regarding his journey through reparative therapy from back in 2012 and it’s an ever-evolving project. He is hoping to finish this project sometime in 2023. Having been previously deeply involved in the Church, Seth has taken a step back and instead focuses on his authenticity, empathy and providing an open ear to people in need.

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Book:    Out Into the Desert

Book:    The Hotel

Book:     Being 

Book:    The Being Journey companion guide

Book:    Apparent Faith

Email:    Karl at karl4hand@gmail.com Laura at lauraforehand64@gmail.com

Twitter: @karl4hand

  1 comment for “233 – Seth Showalter – Acknowledgement and Change

  1. January 19, 2023 at 6:20 am

    When you answer the call of soul Seth, though it won’t and isn’t easy, soul knows all will be well. No cliche offered only soul to soul writing here. In peace may you find your sacred space and grace 🙏


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