233 – Seth Showalter – Acknowledgement and Change

Seth Showalter is a single gay man who is the proud father of a lively cat by the name of Lizzie. Seth works as a Therapist for a Certified Behavioral Health Organization in the Central Region of Missouri.

Seth runs a mental health podcast solo called “Mental Health Uncovered” where he gives people the floor to share their own mental health journey. The purpose of the show is to provide a space to share stories in an effort to de-stigmatize mental health issues in our society and culture.

Seth is currently working on a memoir regarding his journey through reparative therapy from back in 2012 and it’s an ever-evolving project. He is hoping to finish this project sometime in 2023. Having been previously deeply involved in the Church, Seth has taken a step back and instead focuses on his authenticity, empathy and providing an open ear to people in need.

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Desert Sanctuary Resources

Book:    Out Into the Desert

Book:    The Hotel

Book:     Being 

Book:    The Being Journey companion guide

Book:    Apparent Faith

Email:    Karl at karl4hand@gmail.com Laura at lauraforehand64@gmail.com

Twitter: @karl4hand

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