234 – Laci Bean – Healing Isn’t Linear

Laci Bean is a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach who’s focus is Religious Trauma. Laci went from spending her teen years in a highly controlling religious cult to deconstructing herself all the way out of Christianity in her early 30’s. As she started her journey of deconstruction and healing, she began to share it on Tik Tok (@Laci_Bean) where she’s grown an audience of over 100 thousand like minded people.

Seeing the amount of people the church has hurt and religion has traumatized inspired her to get certified in trauma recovery to be a source of healing and hope for those trying to find life beyond religious trauma. Laci works with clients all across the world via zoom and continues to share her journey along with advice and hope to others on this wild journey through her blog & social media videos.

Website * TikTok – @laci_bean * Instagram -@laci__bean

Desert Sanctuary Resources

Book: Out Into the Desert

Book: The Hotel

Book:    Being 

Book:    The Being Journey companion guide now!

Book:    Apparent Faith

Email:    Karl at karl4hand@gmail.com or Laura at lauraforehand64@gmail.com

Twitter: @karl4hand

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